Women On Mission

Director of Women On Mission

The Women On Mission (W.O.M.) is a part of the Southen Baptist Women's Missionary Union (W.M.U.). This is an organization of women who support our Southern Baptist Missionaries with yearly contributions to the Christmas Lottie Moon Ministry and Easter Annie Armstrong Ministry.

They are also involved in supporting non-profit organizations that deal with the many needs in our immediate community.

We need more women to participate to enable us to make of an impact in our community to spread Jesus' love for everyone.

If you know of any needs or would like to participate in this program, please call the church office.

One of our fun events is an annual 'Mom & Pop Dinner' with a chosen theme and lots of entertainment.

At present the W.O.M. meet on the first Tuesday of each month in the Fellowship Hall at 9:30 A.M.

Our mission is to love God and others by helping our community DISCOVER GOD'S LOVE, DEVELOP GOD'S LOVE & DEMONSTRATE GOD'S LOVE.